Get 1 year Garena Gold Membership for FREE!

In this blog, I will teach you guys how get to 1 year Garena gold membership for free. This guide is 99.9% work, so if you want a free gold membership, please follow my step carefully.

Step 1:
1st go to and click "Create A Free Account".
Important note: Please register 1 account only or else you wont get your payment from A.W. Surveys.

Step 2:
Fill up your information.

Step 3:
Answer all survey given.

Step 4:
After answered all the survey, click "Redeem Money".

Step 5:
Choose $75 as Redeem Amount. Before you click the "Redeem Now" button, you need a paypal account, if you don't have paypal account then signup at here
After that, click "Redeem Now" and enter your paypal account information.
Congratulation! Now you have $75 on your paypal account. So, we can buy a 1 year Garena gold membership now!

Buying Garena gold membership procedure:

Go Enter your login information.

Step 2:
Choose pay by PayPal.

Step 3:
Choose "200 Shells' and then enter your paypal account information.

Step 4:
Now go to and choose Gold Member (1 yr.)

Congratulation, now you have a FREE 1 year Gold membership! Now, no more waiting to get in room.

Happy Gaming and Happy New year!